Adsense and Real Estate Web Sites; What's Not to Like About It?

Adsense and Real Estate Web Sites; Start Making Money Today
By Lanard Perry

As a web master you're interested in one thing...traffic - and lots of it!  With traffic comes a potential customer, which basically means sales which in turn means profits.

While many sites have collapsed in the past with the downturn of many internet based business, many smaller sites have generated good money by hosting ads on their websites.

Do You Need to be Computer Savvy to Use Google Adsense?
No! You don't have to be a techno-geek to use Google Adsense.  In fact, you don't need any more technical knowledge than you do to surf the web.  Google Adsense is very user-friendly with a comprehensive support site to answer any question you might have.

Google will walk you through the sign-up process where you are prompted for the information it needs.  You will then have a couple of days while you are waiting for your account to be approved.  This would be a good time to familiarize yourself with the program policies, which of course you read before you signed up.  But look again!

Make sure the site you are registering doesn't have any of the no-nos listed.  For instance, some profanity is allowed, but nothing excessive.  What is excessive?  That could be a gray area, but if you're in doubt, don't register that site.  There's plenty of sites with little or no profanity.

Look at the support site while you are waiting on Google Adsense and see what others are saying and doing.  Most of all, have fun.  Your Google Adsense dollars are just waiting to be counted.

What You Can and Should Do
Google Adsense is a fun and easy way to make extra money. It's important to follow the rules though as Google is serious about the integrity of this program.  Not following the rules could result in your Google Adsense account being terminated. Here are a few Dos for using the program:

Read the Terms and Conditions and Program Policies thoroughly. Read everything you can about Google Adsense to learn from others' experiences and mistakes.

Learn how to optimize your site for the most enjoyable and profitable Google Adsense experience.  Realize it takes time and hard work, which is why you should be doing something you care about.  Hard work is even harder if you don't like what you're doing.

Visit other sites that are benefiting from Google Adsense. Click on the ads only if you are truly interested in the product or service being advertised.  Read other people's blogs and comment on them. Offer comments only if it's meaningful and adds value for readers who log on after you.

How Much Money Can You Make With Google Adsense?
How much do you want to make?  How hard do you want to work?  And how much time do you want to spend working the Google Adsense program?

These are the questions you must ask yourself in order to answer the question, and of course it'll be different from person to person.

If  your total earnings is showing 0.00 after a week, not to worry.  Keep reading and learning and working.  If however, you're still showing 0.00 after a month, it may be time to implement some of those optimization tips you'll find on the Google Adsense Support Site.

Play around with the placement of the ads on your site.  Consider changing the colors.  Look again at the content. Is it interesting?

As with any other business, with the Google Adsense program, the sky is the limit. Work hard. Work smart. Have fun.  After all, you're the boss.

Summarily, AdSense makes it possible for almost anyone with a web site or blog to earn some revenue from advertising, without having to employ sales people or spend precious time searching for advertisers.

As a reminder, the more real estate web site content articles and reports you have on your web site the more adsense income you'll earn. The one's you find by clicking this link are worth considering.

Visit Real Estate Marketing Talk Home Page for more ideas about how to create multiple streams of real estate leads and income.

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