Are Expired Real Estate Listings Easy To Get?

Are Expired Real Estate Listings easy to get? Although they're a common topic of conversation amongst the agents I network with, none of us seem to be farming them. And I'm wondering why that is. Is it because the competition for them is such that it's futile to pursue because they know they won't get them? Or, maybe it's because they're hard to sell even if you get them?

Answer. They're certainly easier to get than most people think, but I'm the absolute worst person that you could ask, because I am unapologetically 100% biased and sold on the advantages of farming expired listings.

Working expireds was profitable for me when I was actively licensed and is profitable for other agents, too - despite the market conditions.

Take the current market conditions for example - it's a buyers market. Listings are sitting longer on the market than in recent past years, so it's easy for some agents to say expired listings aren't worth the effort put into getting them.

But that's foolishness...plain and simple! Why in heck would anybody in their right mind not want competitively priced listings? Or not want to work a niche filled with real estate friendly prospects ready to lower their prices and make other concessions to get their properties sold?

The power of real estate listings is such that you should have as many as you can get, because with them you can make make more money.

So, if you don't have a system for farming Expired Real Estate Listings you need to get one.

Here's the one I used, which for the life of me I can't explain why I have the price so low.

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