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Arizona Real Estate Articles.  Phoenix is now the 5th largest city in the United States and its real estate market is "hot".  Sales are up and availability of properties are diminishing.  I don't want to alarm you but, low to mid range properties are becoming more difficult to acquire. 

Below is a rundown of several of the better known cities in Arizona, starting with Phoenix.

Phoenix is a city located in a valley bordered by small mountains. The city is setup as a grid and is easy to find your way around.

With many upscale areas, historical features, and nightlife to satisfy most unique tastes, Phoenix offers year round conditions for any type of life style.

Phoenix in Top 10 US Seller's Real Estate Market - Home Smart ...

As we have seen through various reports and statistics, the United States housing market has been slowly but steadily improving. The extent to which housing markets have recovered across the United States does vary by individual market and some have certainly seen more recovery than others. We have seen that the metro Phoenix area was hit very hard by the economic crisis and the housing market took one of the hardest hits in the country. Now...

Mesa, AZ Real Estate Update - American Financial Resources Blog

Now, Let's Take a Look at Mesa! As the United States housing market makes its way toward recovery, several major cities are leading the way as home values continue to rise. Phoenix has been regarded as one of the markets that was hit hardest from the housing crisis, which means nearby suburbs such as Mesa have also suffered. ...

Tucson Area Future Population Growth Staggering- Projected To Be ...

...and Tucson! Tucson Area Future Population Growth Staggering- Projected To Be 1.5M By 2030. January 4th, 2013 by Michael Oliver. "Arizona Population Chart". Arizona Has Staggering Growth Projected. The Tucson population as anyone who has lived here the past 10 years knows continues ... These two areas Phoenix and Tucson will continue to drive the growth for the state for the next 25-50 years and real estate within the areas should appreciate considerably due to the increase in demand.

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