Arizona School of Real Estate and Business - Scottsdale, Arizona

by Lanard
(Sunny Florida)

I was expecting the usual offering of real estate licensing classes when I visited the Arizona School of Real Estate (ASREB) web site; like licensing for new agents and brokers, continuation education classes, and that sort of thing.

Instead, I discovered everything you'd expect to find in a bonafide real estate business school; specifically, classes related to contractor licensing, insurance licensing new homes sales training, homeowners association training, appraisal certification, business brokerage, career counseling, real estate assistant, etc.

I've been researching real estate schools to add to my directory for several weeks now and have not encountered a site offering a similar range of classes. Not only can you get licensed to sell real estate, you can also get practical training experience before you graduate, which is a real big deal.

How big? Real Big! For example, you can attend a Contract Writing BootCamp where you'll learn the ins and outs of writing contracts.

I remember back to the time of writing my first contract - I was scared to death of exposing just how little I knew about real estate marketing and sales. The contract writing class can eliminate all self doubt that, thereby helping you to convey and sustain a favorable professional image in all situations.

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