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Arkansas Real Estate Lead Ideas - Arkansas is a beautiful state with scenic mountains and valleys...and Little Rock is its most populous city and State Capital.

I visited Little Rock once and had lunch at a barbecue joint in the "hood." I don't remember the name of it, but the food sure was good.

The state population is rather small at around 3 million people or so, but its real estate climate is relatively good in that there are still plenty of opportunities to make some good deals buying, selling or flipping properties

Below are several lead generation ideas for both agents and investors. Hope you find them helpful.

Arkansas Motivated Home Seller Leads  
Fast Home Offers has investors all over the world that can buy property for cash and close quickly. It also connects up to 10,000 motivated and distressed home sellers each month with real estate investors and agents in Arkansas and elsewhere. Read more about them

Following is an article about Real Estate Leads in Bentonville where in like other areas of the country prices dropped when work became available...and even though the economy is recovering it remains a buyeers market in Bentonville.  Here's the story...

Bentonville, Arkansas Realtor Leads
Real Estate prices in Bentonville have dropped significantly in recent years and reportedly this makes it an ideal climate for homeowners and investors.   "Erelopro Out of Business" appears poised as a company that can help you generate 15 buyers per month.  Read more about them at

Little Rock Arkansas Real Estate Lead Generation - FSBO Leads  
By Owner Daily is a lead delivery services that boasts daily delivery of FSBO leads.  Many Arkansas leads are sent the day they are published.  Finally, Arkansas FSBO leads are consistently greater in number than the national average.  Let me know if they are as good as their website claims.  Read more about them at

HomeFlux has Real Estate Leads in Arkansas       
Homeflux claims to be the world's largest distressed home seller network.  As such, it was created to connect experienced real estate professionals with the nearly 10,000 distressed and motivated home sellers per month.  Time is much more important than sales price to the sellers and they need to sell they offer great deals.  Read more about them...

THREE More Arkansas Real Estate Lead Ideas To Implement Right Away...

Sponsor a Community Resource Guide -  you probably need leads NOW!  But you still need to be thinking a week, to months, to years down the road .  And starting a community resource guide that others will help you maintain for free is one way to ensure multiple streams of leads in the future.  Take a look and see if it's right for you. 

Farm Buyers With Other Agents Listings - here's a quick, easy way to generate buyer leads. Imagine the success you could have if you handed out flyers to a targeted population once a week; and the more you distribute the more prospects you'll drive into your lead funnel. 

Start A Real Estate Newsletter -  if you want to take your success to the next level you need to start a newsletter if you don't have one.  Once you do you'll be positioned to collect names and email addresses of people actively looking to buy or sell real estate...and it's easier to do than you might think.    

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