Automatic Email Marketing Responder Software - Enhancing Business Through Automation

The effectiveness of Automatic Email Marketing Responder Software is unarguable, even though some businesses don’t get it yet! Autoresponders

will help gather and convert leads to paying customers like no other product on the market. Still, many businesses ignore the technology to their detriment. 

Automatic Responders never get tired and can work around the clock on your behalf driving prospects into your lead funnel.

Some Automatic Email Marketing Responder Software packages can be cumbersome and complicated to use.  But not the one I use, which is GetResponse - it's simple and easy.

Plus, I thoroughly enjoy creating campaigns! I get excited knowing that each person who subscribes to my campaigns is specifically interested in my products and services. That makes it more like play than work...and I’m all for that.

What Is Automatic Email Marketing Responder Software? 

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Basically, an email auto responder is a computer program that automatically responds to prompts sent to it, whether it’s a request for information or someone signing up for correspondence from you (newsletter, e-zine, new products, sales notices, etc.). 

Think of the automatic “Out of Office” message you set up when you’re getting ready to take a few days off work.  That’s an automatic responder…a simple software program that allows you to create and automatically send messages without ever having to do anything else, except turn it off when you return to the office and/or to change the message the next time you're out of the office. 

Depending on how you set it up, everybody who emails you will receive your out of office message.

Why Use Automatic Email Marketing Responder Software?

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Because they can help you gather, nurture and convert leads to buyers of whatever it is you're selling with a great deal of efficiency.

Would you try to run a business without having the necessary tools needed to successfully run it – equipment, vehicles, phones, website, etc.?  Of course not – at least not if they were within your means to acquire them.  Yet, that’s exactly what you’re doing if you’re not using it.

Email Marketing Software can help you get, nurture and convert more leads. It's a cost effective way to increase your revenue (e.g., salary, income and/or profits) while working more efficiently.

Email List Building – The Money Is In Your List

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “the money is in your list”…and it’s true, if you don’t have a list of prospects you’re not going to make a lot of sales – and it’s really that simple.

But having a list is not enough.  You need one where subscribers want to hear from you; where they've given you permission to contact them and are eager to hear from. So, don't just get a one.  Here’s how you do it.

Create and embed a form on your website so that people can opt in to your list. Offer something of interest to them for Free that they'll receive when they complete and submit their contact information via the subscriber form. When they do they'll automatically receive your pre-prepared response and requested information via your autoresponder. 

Once they’re subscribed to your email list (aka contact list, database, subscriber list, optin list, etc.) you’ll be able to contact them in the future to nurture a relationship with them. 


Being a successful marketer/business person in todayy's business climate requires the utilization of a different set of marketing tools than those used by businesses even ten years ago.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a business of one, or one with hundreds of employees; or if your business is brick and mortar, or exclusively online.

Whatever it is embracing and utilizing an Automatic Email Responder Software package or service can be the difference between success and failure. Click here and learn more about a Free Trial Service of the one I use.

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