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Santa Monica Has Highest Average Rents in SoCal. The four Southern California apartment markets – Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties and the Inland Empire – completed almost 6,700 new units, a three-year high. However, it absorbed nearly 11,900 units during the same period.A 2013 forecast projects two more years of rent increases as the region’s rental housing market continues to absorb units faster than it completes them

Time to buy Southern California real estate -- if you can 
Real estate experts say it's time to get ready for a new normal, or, perhaps more accurately, a new abnormal. But at the same time, banks are keeping a tight rein on credit, and homeowners --

Why Is Everyone Leaving California? It's Not What You Think.  No one lives in California anymore, it's too popular.That's essentially the thrust of a recent blog post by Jed Kolko, chief economist at real estate listing site Trulia. Kolko examined the root causes of the continued imbalance between...

Southern California rents on the rise as mortgage qualifying gets tougher -
Southern California rents on the rise as mortgage qualifying gets tougher. Los Angeles Daily News - You don't have to tell Jeff Johnson why rents continue to climb in the Southland. ... Today, qualifying for a mortgage has become difficult for many aspiri ...

California foreclosures were 38% of sales - Sacramento Bee
California foreclosures were 38% of sales. Sacramento BeeForeclosure sales accounted for more than 38 percent of all residential sales in California in 2012, according to a report being released today by Irvine-based housing market tracker...

Southern California Real Estate Market at a Glance...
The median price paid for a home in the six-county Southland climbed to $315,000 in November 2012, up 1.9% from $309,000 in August and up 12.5% from $280,000 in September 2011, according to San Diego-based DataQuick. The median sale price has risen mainly for two reasons. First and foremost the increase in demand......

California Real Estate 2012 and Forecast for 2013
In 2012 California had strong housing demand, a fall in inventories and continued low home loan rates. So, what's in store for California Real Estate in 2013? Will inventory remain low? Will Prices continue to climb? Discover what the experts have to say about it

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