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Chicago Real Estate Investing. By everything I read and hear Chicago is once again a bustling, vibrant city perfect for real estate investments and home

ownership; from $200,000.00 single family homes to large commercial holdings.  The market is hot and the pace is considerable. 

Here's what's going on, where it's going on and who's doing it.

Chicago real estate video shootout –  YoChicago vs Crain’s and Chicago Magazine    YoChicago’s YouTube channel has emerged as a clear leader of videos related to Chicago real estate.  It boasts having introduced its followers to more of the faces that shape Chicago real estate than any other source.  It's an outstanding channel.

Chinese Investors Discover Chicago Real Estate with $304M Deal  
In the latest sign of China’s growing interest in U.S. real estate assets, a Chinese investor last week teamed up with a local Chicago firm to buy a 65-story office building in America’s third-largest city for $304 million.

The hottest urban center in the U.S. — Chicago's mega-Loop  
It's late afternoon on a winter weekend and the Kerasotes ShowPlace Icon movie theaters in the South Loop are packed, never mind that tickets go for as much as $17.50 a pop.

The 14-screen complex is doing “very well,” says Tony Kerasotes, owner of Chicago-based Kerasotes ShowPlace Theatres LLC. With more than 1 million admissions last year, in fact, “it's the best-grossing theater in the Midwest,” he claims.

Here's a short video that tells more...

What will $200,000 buy in a new home? 
A lot more than you'd think, and certainly more than before the real estate bubble burst a few years ago.  It's still a buyer's market, but for shoppers on a tight budget you can get a better home today for $200,000 than you could have in 2007.

New rules to govern Illinois foreclosures 
Great news! The Illinois Supreme Court recently announced new rules governing mortgage foreclosures that require lenders to prove to judges that they have exhausted all efforts to help a borrower before seeking a foreclosure judgment against the homeowner.

Chicago Lawyer Puts Real Estate Investing Days Behind Him  When Michael Firsel talks “postgraduate” education, he doesn't mean law school. The suburban attorney practices real estate law, but he was once in the trenches himself. His education came with a steep tuition, when a nine-year run as a developer ended in personal bankruptcy.

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