Turbocharge Your Real Estate Marketing Campaigns With Auto Responders

>Real Estate Email Marketing with an auto responder is a potent marketing strategy that can help you boost your results. 

An auto responder is an email marketing system that provides automatic responses to requests for information; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Arguably, the single most important aspect of real estate marketing, on and off line, is maintaining consistent contact with prospects; past, present and future. And using an auto responder allows you to do that, and do it well.

You can do all of the things you do off line through email marketing, including soliciting buyers, sellers and investors. Plus, you can even buy, rent, sell and exchange real estate...all on line.

Once prospects are entered into your auto responder system you’ll be able to automatically follow up by providing ongoing, useful information until you program it to stop sending messages, or until prospects automatically remove themselves from your auto repsonder.

The idea behind this real estate email marketing strategy is that when prospects in your email campaigns are ready to rent, buy or sell real estate they’ll do business with you, and not some other agent.

Why? Because you’ll have gained their trust and credibility as the helpful agent who regularly emailed them information that they requested from you!

Nowadays you can design a property flyer with a few mouse clicks, send it via email and then track the results; number of messages mailed, open rates, how many links in the email messages were clicked, which ones were clicked and so much more.

Plus, subscribers can both subscribe and unsubscribe from your auto responder campaigns automatically.

Auto responders and real estate email marketing services are relatively easy to find. Simply go to www.google.com and type in “real estate email marketing” to find some.

Additionally, you can search for “auto responders” to learn more about them by doing the same thing.

Marketing To Real Estate Agents & Prospects
Let’s say you have a hot listing in Miami, FL and would like to inform agents in Pennsylvania about it. It’s the middle of winter and things are pretty frigid in good old Philadelphia, PA, and the locals are just itching to get to sunny South Beach.

Create a flyer and mail it to real estate agents in Pennsylvania, who can then market it to their local clients. Then, sweeten the pie by offering to personally meet their prospects when they arrive in Florida. And of course you’ll pay them a healthy referral fee, or split commission, depending on whatever arrangements you mutually agree to as fair and equitable.

This is a very doable idea, as some real estate email marketing services will provide you with a list of agent names and email addresses in any state or region you choose.

Marketing To Prospects

Here’s another strategy. Let’s say you want to target buyers in your home town interested in condos. Select 5 – 10 of the best condo buys in your area and offer it as a special report to be delivered 5-10 days. But instead of sending the entire report all at the same time, break it up into multiple parts so that you can send it out over a 5-7 day period.

Why 5-7 days? Because it takes that many communications to effectively get your marketing message across to develop the recognition and trust of your prospects before they’ll do business with you.

Here’s one more idea. Perhaps you like working FSBOs. If so, run an ad offering a 5 part special report on the 5 most common mistakes FSBOs make. Load the report up in your auto responder and away it goes.

In all three scenarios you’ll have the ability to market your ideas on auto-pilot, as once you’ve entered the info into your email marketing system, or auto responder, it’ll virtually be hands off until you want to change things.

Summarily, auto responders go hand in hand with effective real estate email marketing. With them you can automate a variety of promotional activities, expand your client/prospect base, acquire more listings, make more sales and overall give your business a huge boost.

Below are some pre-written real estate marketing reports perfect for auto responders and email marketing campaigns. They can also be used as, letters, articles and web site pages.

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