Expired Listing Sample Letter

If you shop online for an Expired Listing Sample Letter you might find a piece of one that goes something like this!

Deal Mr. & Mrs. Smith,

It has come to my attention that the listing of your home has expired. The reason I am writing is to …

Your Name


And the reason you will find excerpts of letters is because folk who have perfected the letters over years of use are not going to give them away for FREE! Would you?

Fortunately, good real estate letters, expired listing letters included, aren't terribly expensive. While a free expired listing sample letter might be preferred, an expired listing system that costs less than a tank of gas can be a bargain...especially if it's a proven one that gets results.

Isn’t your career worth at least that?    

Personally, I think an Expired Listing System with letters is a pretty good option. Admittedly, I'm biased about the one I used, as I developed it! But if it's good it's good - no matter who wrote it!

The premise of Farming Expired Listings is that owners of them may be motivated to relist with another agent, especially if they were dissatisfied with the former agent's services.

That's where a good system comes in. With the right expired listing letters, letters that push all of the right buttons, you can be positioned to relist the expired listing just as easily as other agents; even better in some instances.

Effective letters can prompt readers into action, while mediocre ones end up being an expensive waste of time and money.

Pre-written expired listing letters, samples or otherwise, can save you lots of time. I can take a prewritten letter and in a matter of minutes change it into something that is uniquely mine! But if I was writing a letter from scratch it could literally take me hours to write a good one.

Pre-written marketing material, including an expired listing sample letter, is every marketer's dream.  Most agents are stressed to the max trying to generate real estate leads and simply don't have time to write good marketing letters.

Prewritten real estate marketing materials, including Sample Real Estate Farming Letters, can liberate you from a boring, but ultra important task.  The time saved can be used more effectively to do other things that'll generate money before writing a real estate letter will, no matter how good it is!

In closing, you can do another search for "expired listing sample letter", or you check out the expired listing system and letters I used by clicking here.

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