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Farming Expired Listing System, Letters & Website ontent
by: Lanard

Hi Mark - you pose some interesting questions that nobody has ever asked. Please find my responses below.

One. Uou're right...the Expired Listing System system is worth more than $57.00. I've noticed others selling for several hundred dollars and have considered raising my price, but don't feel it's a good time to ask for more money when so many agents are struggling to survive.

Plus, it's not a complicated system. Consequently, I can't in good consciousness charge more for what I'm offering right now. However, I am contemplating adding an email component to it and raising the price at that time, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. My priorities are elsewhere.

Two. I started selling the real estate letters after marketing the entire listing system for a while to expand the base of potential buyers. Experienced agents don't really need the ebook, but can for sure benefit from the letters. So I expanded the market of potential buyers overnight by marketing to both new and veteran agents.

And you're right...the 50 BONUS Real Estate Articles and Marketing Reports are "giveaways", but also happen to be an example of my commitment to "overdelivering".

I believe in making my customers happy and feeling that they've gotten a good deal and the package you referenced, like at does that.

I did the same kind of thing when I was actively flipping properties by always leaving some of the profit in the properties that I bought for my buyers. Everybody likes a good deal - so I over deliver and create win - win situations.

However, I will be changing the pricing of the web site content (reports and articles) at

in a big way, as I invest quite a bit of time and money in providing quality content; by either writing it myself, or hiring writers to write and/or rewrite them for me.

For example, the 50 BONUS Articles and Reports for $29.00 found at

will soon be repackaged as 5 Real Estate Article Packs with 10 Articles each at a cost of $29.00 each. The bottom line is that what you can get right now for $29.00 will cost FIVE Times that in the near future.

Three. Also, I change things around from time to time to evaluate the effectiveness of a sales page; to increase the popularity of a web site page, increase the search engine rankings of a page, increase sales during a slow market, etc.

Hope this helps. Good luck to you whatever you decide and thanks for writing.


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