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The Flipping Real Estate Articles on this page are sort of a Mini Flipping Real Estate. While it's not technically correct it does denote my intent - this web page is dedicated to news about flipping real estate.

My goal is to make it a rich resource for buyers, flippers/investors and agents interested in increasing profits and/or accumulating wealth through real estate sales and investments.

For example, did you know that in some states the average profit on recently flipped houses is nearly $60,000.00 per house?

Or, that in other areas of the country the average profit on flips hovers just below $30,000.00 per house? Is it time to get back in the game? Maybe. Read and decide for yourself! Here are the posts!

Fix & Flip Real Estate Investing Is Making A Comeback    
Long considered a legend, like Bigfoot or the ability of leprechauns to find gold, the "home flipper" has risen from the ashes of the Great Recession and is once again leaving his (or her) imprint on the nation's housing market.  What's more, they're making big money doing so.

You No Longer Have To Be A Millionaire To Flip Houses In San Francisco  
You may have heard all about how San Francisco's real estate market is insanely hot...but really, a studio for $2,975?  And then there's this...real estate prices are up 50% since the trough of the housing recession.

Flipping is On Its Way Back, Thanks to the Hipster Flippers - Video ...
ABC News, like so many other news outlets these days, is starting to suspect that flipping is back and to prove it they talk to local hipster flippers ModOp Design (couple Greg Steinberg and Alexandra Becket, who happens to ...

The Best Cities to Flip a House - 24/7 Wall St.   
From purchase to sale, the average flipped home is turned around in just 106 days. Wall St.-backed home flippers enjoy the advantage of scale and cash purchases, says Prof. Christopher Leinberger, head of the real estate ...

Flopping: New Mortgage Fraud Trend in Real Estate? | The Niche ...
(TheNicheReport) — Why would a real estate seller willfully damage a listed home with the intention of driving down the price at closing? In a bizarre case of reverse bait-and-switch, some homeowners are blighting their ...

How Much Are Others Making from Flipping Houses - FortuneBuilders
How much are other real estate investors making from flipping houses, how do your figures stack up and how can you make more money? We?re always hearing.

Pacific Place Redwood City: Is Real Estate Flipping Profitable or ...
Real estate flipping
is not for the feint of heart. That being said, with the right attitude, patience, and a little DIY know-how, buying and selling properties for investment purposes can be something the whole family can get into.

Finally, a Sexy Book about Fixing & Flipping Houses - The Phoenix ...
Well, I'm grateful for the opportunity to post here today about the release of my new book Fixing and Flipping Real Estate: Strategies for the Post-Boom Era, available for pre-order now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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