Fun Family Activities to Enjoy In The forest

by Diane Smith
(United Kingdom)

If you are looking after young relatives or spending time with a friend's children then you might want to come up with some activities to play - and the forest is an ideal place to go.

The age of the youngsters you are with will naturally dictate what you can organise, but there will always be something entertaining to do as long as the weather holds out. For people who have a property in Wales, a lush green space is never far away and could provide a great day out.

Just ensure you take into account what sort of kid you are dealing with; if a child is hyperactive and sports mad then you might find it difficult to get them to sit down drawing pine cones...

Infants - Babies and toddlers may not have a huge amount of awareness of their surroundings at times, but they are also capable of being hyper-sensitive too. Find a nice patch of grass or sit them on a blanket and just let them engage with the forest.

Children - Arguably the most fun age group to play with are from around four years old up to about ten, as you can persuade them to dress up in silly outfits and go along with fantastical stories in which trees and clearings turn into all sorts of magical things. It might be difficult to explain the rules of more complex games to children of this age, so stick to simple ones like 'Tag' or 'Run-Outs'.

Tweens - As pre-adolescents are often called - will have the ability to understand more complicated games, so get them involved in something like 'Capture the Flag' if you have the chance.

Teenagers - What can you say about teenagers? They can be difficult but a forest can be a great place for them to relax without having to think about peer pressures or other issues. Try getting them involved in learning about the forest or simply let them take the lead.

Author Bio: Diane Smith is a part-time blogger and working as a property agent. She helps estate agents to improve their real estate business, market share etc. Here she discussed about the property in Wales.

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