How Do I Get Information About Divorcing Couples To Specialize In That Niche Market?

How can I get information/leads on divorcing couples? I'm an agent in California and I want to specialize in providing real estate services to couples who are divorcing. As a recent divorcee myself I know from first hand experience that people getting divorced have special needs. I want to target this market and need some ideas on how to go about it. Any suggestions?

Response. Excellent idea...and yes, I have lots of ideas! As discussed during our phone conversation if it was me I'd go about marketing my services to people getting divorced in several ways..

First, divorce announcements are publicized in the newspapers. So, I'd read that section of the newspaper everyday and mail them a letter gently promoting my services as an agent who specialize in real estate sales for divorcing couples. Obviously, the tone of the letter has to be sensitive and helpful while not being intrusive and seemingly after one thing - their business.

Next, I'd look for the same information online for additional leads and opportunities. I'd go to the Clerk of Court website in my area, because I know that is where the information is kept. It's the same for other areas, too. If it's different for your area it won't take long locate it.

My next step would be to go through the yellow pages of the phone directory and make a list of the divorce attorneys and start calling introducing myself as an agent who specializes in helping divorcing couples with their real estate needs. It's a good idea to share this information with attorneys who don't specialize in divorces, too; as some of them will make referrals too. You can't go wrong if all of the attorneys know about you.

I'd also contact Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Marriage Counselors, too. Again, you can find them in the phone book, via Googling those terms and from professional licensing websites that keep records of them.

In the end what might at first seem to be a rather narrow niche it might actually be one that runs wide and deep.

Check out these real estate letters suitable for this and other real estate lead generation needs.

Hope this was helpful,

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