How Often Do You Add New Web Site Content?

by Malcolm

Hey there, came across your site while looking for real estate content for a website I'm building. Wanted to make sure you are still around and active. How often do you add new content and is the new stuff included in the price of the package? Thanks, Malcolm

Yes, I'm still around and active with Real Estate Marketing My recent endeavors have included creating online marketing opportunities for real estate agents, buyers and sellers. For example, I have created an online Real Estate Agent Directory for Real Estate Agents and Homes For Sale section where agents and sellers can advertise listings and homes for sale - for Free!

As far as real estate content goes I update my content periodically and am always creating more. For example, I have hundreds of articles that I haven't made available to my reading audience yet, but will be slowly rolling them out for purchase. Updates are not a part of the purchase price.

Finally, I've been thinking about creating a content membership site where for a monthly fee reader like you can get X number of articles per month, but that's a ways down the road. Meanwhile, please visit my Real Estate Web Site Content Page to see what's available for purchase.

In closing, I apologize for the delayed response, but I just realized that I'd not responded to your email message like I thought I had. Also, I'm posting your question and my response on my web site because it may be helpful information to others. You can look for it on my blog.

Thanx for writing and here's to your Real Estate Marketing Success!

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