How To Make Business Cards

I can sum up How To Make Business Cards Online in a few words: find an online source with lots of templates that offers a variety of fonts and colors and a point and click application that is intuitive and easy to use.

If you're a new beginning agent I imagine that you're pretty excited - a new career offers the opportunity for new experiences. 

Plus, the prospect of getting your first lead and making your first sale is pretty exciting, too.

And of course the more business cards you make and handout the more potential leads you'll be able to generate.   

Design a Business Card with the Vistaprint Template!  Go to VistaPrint to design and print your own. Begin by clicking on the "Let's Get Started" button.  A new window will open with a pop up asking you to name a design or industry (like Finance and Insurance, Information and Technology, etc.) There you'll have the option to use your own photo and logo.

The video below shows how to design business cards with Vistaprint Templates.  You'll learn how to create professional looking cards that you'll be proud to hand out anywhere...and to anybody.

Smart Ways To Use Business Cards.  Have you ever been taught how to use your business card to make sales for you?  There's more to it than simply handing your card to someone, hoping and praying they'll follow your request to call you. 

Watch the following video about 5 Ways to Make Your Business Cards Sell for You.  While it's not specific to real estate marketing it offers tips that are easily applied to real estate agents.

More About How To Make Business Cards; Make Your Own Quality Business Card on Vistaprint (Design). “Over 50% of the working population (120 million individuals) works in a small business”, according to Forbes. That means a lot more entrepreneurs, bloggers, and people who want a convenient way to provide contact information, are going to need a business card to stand out.

Vistaprint is my personal favorite website for business cards, and it works perfectly for anyone who wants an astonishing card design on a budget. To save you time, I’m writing two separate detailed articles on how to make a business card on Vistaprint. This week will be if you want to build your own design, and next week will be for those who prefer to upload their own design."  Click here to read more. 

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