I Posted a Free Ad - Where Is It?

by Candice Lowe

Hello Lanard, I Posted a free advert on your website.....where is it? How do I view my advert, I would like to attach the link to my blog and twitter etc.......

Kind Regards
Candice Lowe
Property Consultant
0423 344 834
(08) 9207 2611
(08) 9207 2711

Hi Candice - thanks for posting. Here's the link; http://www.real-estate-marketing-talk.com/candice-lowe-force-real-estate-balcatta.html. You should have been notified when it was posted - don't know why you weren't. Perhaps the notification went into your spam filter.

Here's a way to get a link to your blog. Go to your website page above and write a comment. Make it something interesting; maybe about Balcatta in general. Readers, like me, who know nothing about it are interested. Include your blog and/or website url and I'll make both of them active links.

Finally, if you need blogging content let me know - I've got lots of it.

Best Regards,

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