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If Expired Listing Programs and Scripts Make Sense, Then Why Do So Few Realtors Farm Them?
by: Lanard

I'm fond of saying "farming expired listings" is so easy even I can do it. What other listing system gives you a direct pipeline to so many sellers willing to do business with Realtors? None!

Consequently, it still amazes me that so few Realtors, Brokers and Agents, make expired listing campaigns a staple of their marketing plans.

I don't want to pick on anybody, especially you..but I have to ask you this to demonstrate and drive home the point? How long have you known about expired listings and not acted on them yet?

Of course you should be an informed consumer, but taking two months to study up on expired listing scripts and programs before you start using one is about one month and three weeks too long.

They're not that complicated and good ones aren't necessarily expensive. Heck you, could buy 2-3 different ones for that matter and be money ahead.

Agents spend hundreds to thousands of dollars getting licensed, but choke up when it comes to investing in the tools to succeed; like listing programs, fsbo and other lead generating systems (auto responders, web sites, newsletters, auto dialers, etc).

As I'm finishing up this entry I am reminded of 2-3 more Real Estate Marketing Tips to share with you. Click on the link to the left that says "Tips" to see the ideas that I've posted so far! You'll be glad you did!

Until the next time, here's to your Real Estate Marketing Success!

Lanard Perry
Call anytime about anything. If you get a voice message you can count on me returning the call.

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