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Jackson Real Estate Investing.. Jackson, Mississippi is one of the places that people moved to after Hurricane Katrina.  A mass migration to the city stimulated a demand for its real estate that currently makes it one of the most profitable cities for investors...at least for right now!

Anytime a large number of people move into an area in a relatively short amount of time there is a correlating growth in the housing market.  Post Katrina was  a great time for area investors.

The average home price in Jackson, Mississippi is $144,000, an .  affordable price well below the national average for home prices.  Combined with the expected growth rate the market mat still offer ample investment opportunities.   

Since home prices are still relatively inexpensive there is a chance for investors to purchase real estate and perhaps hold it for just a few years while the market continues to grow.  

This buy-hold-sell strategy works best for investors who get in on the market when it is just starting to experience growth.  By riding the wave for a few months investors might be able to receive higher profits than if they made quicker turnarounds on homes. 

Jackson real estate is prime for investors looking to get in and out of real estate investments as quickly as possible.  If nothing else it's worth at least seriously considering.

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First-time home buyers key to housing market 
First-time homebuyers, more than any other demographic, stand to benefit the most in today's real estate market.  In fact, a recent survey commissioned by Move.com reveals that 23 percent of adults plan to purchase a home in the next five years and that more than half of them (53.5 percent) will be first-time homebuyers.

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