Landlord Reference Letter Sample

Below is a landlord reference letter sample for your use. It's formatted as a form to best capture the pertinent information.

Landlord reference for ___________________________________ 
                                  Applicant's Name

I hereby authorize ___________________________, my prior/current  
landdlord to provide the information requested about me below.

Applicant's Signature and Date

Dear Landlord,

The above referenced individual has applied to rent one of our rental properties,
and gave your name as a current/former Landlord. We'd appreciate it if
you'd be so kind as to complete the information below and return to us.

Address of premises rented: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________

Length of time rented: from ________________ to_________________

Payment history : __always on time; __  aways late;  __sometimes late

Gave proper notice before vacating premises? __ yes __ no

Was there any damage to the property that you were not compensated for?
__ yes __ no

Please explain if the answer is yes. _______________________________

Would you rent to this person again? __ yes __ no

Please use this space to make additional comments: __________________

Name of person filling out this form: _____________________________

Title of Person filling out this form: ______________________________

Phone number of person filling out this form: _______________________


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