Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Marketing for Real Estate Agents. - some real estate agent marketing strategies are cumbersome to the point of being ineffective. Still, agents dole out thousands of dollars for them in hopes of finding ones that'll fulfill their needs; specifically, getting them more buyers and sellers to work with.

However, expensive real estate marketing products do not necessarily mean they'll be good, effective ones. Still, good products and services are at a premium, especially when you consider that

  • real estate agents who receive the most phone calls, show the most properties and sell the most real estate are also the ones with the most listings and good real estate agent marketing systems.

However, getting listings and buyers is easier said than done, but it's very doable. You just need to know how and have the right system to pull it off.

Listings that you can secure with a good real estate marketing program provides the opportunity to double your chances of earning commissions and bonuses, because with listings you'll be paid

  1. a listing fee
  2. or a listing and sales fee if you sell your own listing.

On the other hand, if you don't have any listings you'll get paid only if and when you sell a property, a huge drop off from getting paid every time one of your listings sell. So, there's a lot of power in having a lot of listings - money, too!

Some agents focus on expired listings, arguably the best source of leads, and work them to near perfection.

Expired listings are a great source of leads and unlike FSBOs, cold calls and other lead generating systems, owners of expired listings are almost always warm, responsive prospects. They're waiting for the right agent with the right approach to relist with. That can be you!

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