by Joshua Dubin

44 homes sold in the month of February 2010 in Oviedo Florida.

The average sales price was in the range of 150,000 which is has allowed many first time buyers to get a great home for less than it would cost them to pay rent every month.

On the other hand the most expensive property that sold was for 470,000. Properties of a half million dollars in this part of town are not sold every month leaving many of these owner wondering when they might get a buyer to purchase their property.

While activity is picking up in the first time buyer price range the upper level executive homes are still challenged with much more inventory then there are buyers.

Oviedo like many of the of the other cities that didn’t have a overrun of new construction has held its values much better than areas which consisted of almost entirely newly built homes.

This is great news for anyone who currently owns a home in Oviedo or is planning on buying a home in the near future. If you would like a Free Foreclosure List of homes in this area

please visit http://www.oviedoflhomes.com/


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