Personal Realtor Marketing Systems Make Dollars And Sense

Creating a Personal Realtor Marketing system can make a vast difference to your success, especially when you consider the overwhelming number of real estate agents trying to stand out in a crowd

A personal marketing system is basically an arsenal of marketing tools designed to help Realtors build their business. Personal marketing systems can develop a phenomenal amount of new listings, as well as give each Realtor that uses them, a distinct competitive edge.

And why not, according to a recent study, a Realtor will spend sixty hours helping a buyer find a new home, but only six hours to list and sell a home. Assuming that both the buyer and seller agents split a six percent commission, it's easy to see that the highest payoff for the least amount of time will come from the listings.

With a Realtor marketing system a real estate agent can deviate from the norm of sending the same old "just-sold", "just-listed" post cards, mailers, flyers and letters. A personal marketing system will help Realtors develop more innovative and unique marketing methods, to show their prospects how much of an expert they are in the packaging and marketing of homes.

Of course, not all Realtor marketing systems are created equal; but most personal Realtor marketing systems do contain some standard marketing material, such as a sales presentation, a variety of sales letters to handle different selling situations, as well as a lead generating system that produces a steady flow of qualified leads.

Many of today's personal Realtor marketing systems make good use of the Internet marketing tactics that create a steady stream of leads with very little effort. And most personal Realtor marketing systems allow a Realtor to continuously contact prospective homeowners with timely messages in a cost effective way.

The fundamental success behind personal Realtor marketing systems is how they can enhance your image and help you create instant credibility. But the reason they are so successful is the fact they focus on building value.

No matter what we purchase, as a consumer we compare the price we're paying to the value we receive - it's no different when people are deciding with whom they should list with. In real estate there is always going to be a Realtor that cuts commissions, to win a listing, but rarely does the commission fees play an entire role in selecting a Realtor.

By adopting a Realtor marketing system, regardless of the commission percentage, you will have an arsenal of tools to show the homeowner how much value they will receive from entrusting you to list their home.

Also, by developing a personal Realtor marketing system you would in essence be branding yourself. Why brand yourself?  Because branding will place you a leadership role, enhance your reputation, and attract buyers and sellers using impressive sales and marketing tactics. Plus a personal marketing system will help you to increase your earning potential, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and position yourself in the forefront of your prospect's mind. It's certainly something you don't want to miss out on.

Developing a personal Realtor marketing system does take some time. The first step in creating a personal Realtor marketing system is by knowing who you are and what strengths you offer.  So it's best to compare yourself to other Realtors in your area and determine how you are different. Then, start thinking of all the ways that a buyer or seller can benefit from selecting you, over anyone else.

Remember, every piece of collateral that you develop should convey to your prospects how skilled and unique you are and make them perceive that you are the only Realtor that they should consider listing with.

If you need help developing your personal Realtor marketing system, there are many companies on the Internet that offer services that can help you. If you Google "personal realtor marketing" you can easily review what these companies have to offer. Also, many samples are provided, so by spending a few minutes browsing through their site you can see the marketing collateral they offer and what information it contains.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional to help you, a personal Realtor marketing system will definitely give you that competitive edge. 

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