Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation For Real Estate Agents

A personal reference letter of recommendation should be in every agent's tool kit, including yours...even if you're new to the business and haven't listed or

sold a property yet.

Why? Because there's nothing more frustrating than trying to start or build a real estate career without prospects, leads or a way of getting some...

and a personal reference letter of recommendation letter is one of the tools available to you to leverage getting some.

For example, if you were one of the top students in your real estate licensing class why not get a letter of recommendation from your instructor? People like doing business with smart, self motivated people.

Or maybe you were a top producer in auto sales before getting licensed. If so, get a reference letter from the general manager, as the skills that made you a top producer in that field will apply in real estate sales.

The point is this. Take advantage of every opportunity to use reference letters to further your career. Your skill set, even if it's in another field, may be more applicable than you may be giving yourself credit for...and when you give yourself a chance others will, too.

Finally, once you have a few letters continue building on the strategy. Use prewritten real estate letters to drive leads to your prospect funnel where you can then share your recommendation letters. That one-two combination can be very powerful and convincing.

Make this a part of your business building strategy and you could soon be generating lots of leads with little effort. Here's to your real estate marketing success!

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