Prewritten Real Estate Articles - Thoughts About Duplicate Content

by Richard

Prewritten Real Estate Web Site Content

Prewritten Real Estate Web Site Content

I have always heard that Google penalizes websites that have duplicate content? I need content quickly to populate my new blog site but If I get sand boxed because thousands of others have the same exact articles obviously it is not worth it.

Your thoughts?


Answer: Hi Richard - all of the major aticle banks have duplicae content, yet the don't seem to be penealized. Things like ads, links, gadgets and widgets are content, too; which is one way they avoid being penalized for duplicate content.

Still, it's a good idea to personalize in other ways; change the title, change the paragraphs around and that kind of thing. You can also personalize prewritten content by inserting the name of your city and that sort of thing. Having said that I've seen some of the content that I sell used "as is" rank higher on another sight than it does mine.

In the end taking just 5 minutes to personalize is best, but using "as is" can work, too. Thanks for asking!

By the way, the real estate web site content found here is perfect for blogging. You'll be amazed at what one submission per day will do for its ranking.

Asfar as thousands of others getting the exact same content from me it's not going to happen. Every now and then I'll rewrite the content to make it uniquely different again, including but not limited to doing some of the things I mentioned above.

Hope this helps.

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