Real Estate Agent Web Site; A Realtor's Key Marketing Tool

Real Estate Agent Web Site . Buying a house is one of the largest purchases most people will make in a lifetime.  Perhaps that's why real estate has always been a serious business.

Real estate is also an attractive purchase, as it rarely depreciates in value. And the trend these days is that real estate buyers are now more prepared, mentally and financially.

Consequently, most realtors know that they have to do their best to attract and keep clients - competition for prospects, leads and customers is intense. It's a full time job, while many agents are part time professionals.  Still, real estate sales can be very lucrative to all real estate professionals, whether they're working 10 hours per week, or 60.

In one respect, realtors value their leads the most, as their leads are the primary source to their success. There will be no deals without leads...and without deals there will be no paychecks. That's why agents are always sourcing different ways (expired listings, fsbos, open houses, home shows, etc.)to generate leads.

Internet Marketing
Now, along comes the Internet, an incredible and effective marketing tool. With it agents are no longer limited to the cities and counties they live in. They can now market worldwide and potentially reach millions of people in one sitting.

If you don't have a web site you need one.  And if you have one but it's ineffective you need to improve it, because without a good one your income isn't what it can be.

There's no simpler way to put it. With a good, effective web site you can be generating more leads and making more sales. 

In a recent study, the demographic profile of Internet users showed that 50% of it have college degrees, the typical earnings of Internet users is $52,500 and almost 42% earn beyond that, and the total frequency percentage rate of Internet users on a daily basis is almost 88%.

This goes to show that more and more people are using and accessing the Internet. And with the average income of most Internet users being what it is, the National Association of Realtors contends that 96% of the Americans who would buy houses will access the Internet to find their dream houses.

These facts, in turn, suggest that agents need websites to be in the game. Still, many agents underestimate the potential of the Internet. They don't quite grasp how a Real Estate Agent Web Site can significantly increase their sales.

Stumbling Blocks
Maybe agents don't fully embrace the use of web sites because building one can be a lot of work and they don't have the time or skills to build one.

Sure, there's a lot to learn, especially if you don't have a basic knowledge on web designing and developing. It entails the use of graphic designs, programs, search engine optimization tools, different software, etc. But reduced to it's simplest form, web sites are about content, and many agents solve their content needs by purchasing pre-written
real estate web site content!

While fancy designs and features may be cool, they aren't as important as great content. Sites offering good content generate lots of interest and tend to have higher search engine rankings than do sites with poor quality and little content.

So, if nothing else you'll need lots of quality
real estate web site content!

Hence, it is relatively important that you pay attention to your web site and come up with something that will generate leads for your business. The trend of the market today is based on the fact that the more proficiency and skill you can incorporate on your web site, in any aspect, the tougher your competitive spot in the market.

Blueprint for a Successful Site
When creating your web site it is important to focus on how you can generate
real estate leads , and convert them to paying customers. Basically, it's how you can generate income.  Here is a list of some of the benefits of having an effective web site.  You can

can create referral business at your real estate web site
display your listings and a list of services you provide
educate consumers about the home loan process
educate visitors about buying, selling and financing real estate
help consumers determine the type of homes available in their price ranges
inform buyers, sellers, renters and investors about their real estate interests
and much, much more

Summarily, a web site should be the primary marketing tool of every realtor. And once they grasp the growing potential of the Internet in increasing their sales the sooner they'll be on board.  However, to get and keep a competitive edge you need to get onboard before they do.

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