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by Lanard
(Sunny Florida)

What's Your Real Estate Question?

What's Your Real Estate Question?

Where can I get real estate articles for newsletters? I've subscribed to a couple of plr services selling them, but they were mostly garbage. In fact they were so bad they were totally useless as content for my newsletters.

Answer. I've belonged to a a couple of plr real estate article sites,too and had similar experiences. So, I hired some free lancers to write original website content, rewrite the plr articles that were salvageable (very few were) and then rewrite and update them from time to time.

As you might imagine this got to be relatively expensive, but the outcome was worth it. For example, if you google the following without the quotes...

"real estate leads via classified ads"
"affordable real estate leads"
"4 sure ways to generate real estate leads"
"real estate leads via newsletters"
"real estate agent leads via websites"

you're likely to find a top listing for "Real Estate Marketing".

So, what does that mean? For one, it says that I know about writing content that the search engines love and they reward good content by ranking t high and when that happens visitors like you come to my website. And that's what you want too, right?

Of course it is. So, why pass up on a sure thing (good, well written, high search engine ranking content) that's perfect for newsletter content, blogging and the like for something with questionable effectiveness?

I've shown you proof of mine, now ask the others to show the quality and effectiveness of their.

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