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Another source...
by: Anonymous

I've been digging for these. Along with the links above, I found this one to be helpful... and Canadian.

Where To Find Real Estate Brochure Boxes In Mississaugua
by: Lanard

Hi Keith - thanks for writing!

There's a company called DispointPlay Advertising Ltd in Mississaugua, Canada that sells brochure boxes. Its website address is and the phone number listed on the website is 905-567-2541.

I spent a little time on its website, but was unable to get much useful information. For example, it had dimensions of brochure displays, but didn't show any pictures or prices for them.

I hate to turn this into a review of their website, but I found it a little bit odd that a company with 25 years of experience didn't include that basic information. That experience sure wasn't on display at their site.

In the end I concluded that if I were personally looking for real estate brochure boxes I'd shop elsewhere. Because I consider brochure boxes a niche market item I'd shop globally via the Internet using search terms like "brochure boxes", "flyer boxes", "display boxes", and the like.

One site in particular that I found pretty intriguing is found at The landing page of this URL describes Brochure Boxes with Stakes, Solar Powered Brochure Boxes, InfoTubes, InfoPaks, InfoRacks, etc.

It appears that you'll find almost any kind of real estate flyer and brochure boxes that you might be interested in.

Another site worth checking out is It had Ireal estate brochure boxes for less than $13.00 a piece. when I was on the site.

Hope this is enough information to get you what you're looking for and at a good price. And please write back and let us know how you made out.

To Your Real Estate Marketing Success!

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