Real Estate Education; Developing a Niche is Key To Your Survival

Whether you’re a new real estate agent or a seasoned veteran, ongoing real estate education will be a fundamental part of your growth and success. As a licensed real estate agent you will be required to continuously upgrade your knowledge and take a series of courses that improve your development. However, the time invested in your education can help assure a long-term, successful and profitable real estate business.

Let’s face it, real estate is a business, and by keeping up-to-date on the latest technology, products and new marketing strategies you will be able to stay a step ahead of your competitors.   

There are many trainers that specialize in real estate education and deliver training via workshops, seminars, Internet ecources and personal coaching programs.


  • Seminars are a perfect way to learn from a skilled and successful realtor. Although many of these real estate education seminars may be pricy, you can often times pick up some helpful tips and learn step by step how others have been successful.

  • Another option is to hire a personal coach. There is nothing better than one-on-one support and many personal coaches can streamline your efforts and put you on the right path, quickly and easily. By working closely with a personal coach, your strategies and sales methods can be easily critiqued and on the spot advice can be received.

    However, before selecting a coach interview several of them to check out their credentials. Many realtors tend to select coaches within their own real estate firm, and although this set-up makes coaching easier, it may limit the knowledge that you receive. 

    The best personal coach is one that has been successful in real estate and can show you the exact steps towards success, regardless of where they’re physically located.


Keep in mind that your education should encompass many aspects of your business, from bookkeeping to marketing, so you don’t necessarily have to take training from a firm specializing in real estate education.


A good informational resource can be found at your local small business support center. You’ll find that many small business support centers offer monthly workshops that are designed to help start up businesses. They may not necessary specialize in real estate education, but they do offer a wide range of business courses that can be adapted to all types of business, including real estate education. 


Another option often overlooked is the courses provided by your local Chamber of Commerce. You’ll find that your local Chamber offers a good selection of business building workshops. Plus, being involved with your local Chamber of Commerce and small business support center offers you an additional benefit that you may have overlooked – attending sessions with other business owners are wonderful networking opportunities.


That’s right! As you attend courses with other business owners you can learn as well as network with a variety of new people, and build a solid base of referrals for your real estate business.


So when attending these types of educational training sessions, come prepared. Bring lots of business cards and make a point of getting up during the break and introducing yourself to as many people as possible. By meeting and greeting other business owners you can quickly and easily help one another build a stronger and more profitable business.


Summarily, in addition to traditional real estate education, consider widening your education choices to include a variety of options and you can reap the reward of a well-rounded real estate education.







"A good real estate education continues beyond licensure. I invest in mine everyday by learning someting new."

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