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Writing effective Real Estate Farming Letters is a craft, something that can be learned.  So, if you aren't a natural born writer there's still hope for you.

But, you have to ask yourself, would your time be better spent mailing letters, rather than writing them; showing properties rather than laboring over your keyboard trying to come up with the right words and phrases to use?

Personally, I'm a big proponent of taking the path of least resistance when it comes to marketing and will outsource projects that don't play to my strengths in a heartbeat. 

My rational?  Why spend 5 hours being unhappy doing something that I'm not good at doing when I can hire someone excels at  doing for a reasonable cost.

Well, I don't know about you, but I know from experience that mediocre marketing materials isn't going to be good enough to get you the results you want. 

The plain truth of the matter for me is that one of my best attributes is knowing what my limitations are and recognizing in others what I lack in  myself. 

So, it's nothing for me to shop the internet and find products and services that others have created that will make my life easier. So for you that would mean purchasing our Real Estate Farming Letters...they're excellent!

Story: Real Estate Farming Letters

About a year or so ago I hired several writers who wrote some letters for my growing collection and really liked what they did.  They were gifted writers and if I had an opportunity to work with them again I would.

Unfortunately, I don't think that's going to happen because they were about to enter law school when I met them and have since enrolled in law school.  Oh well, it was good while it lasted. 

But you're in luck though.  For example, these power real estate letters that they rewrote for me are worth owning.  There are 50 of them altogether and they're appropriate for buyers and sellers.

Another set of letters worth considering are the expired listing letters that I personally wrote and used for many years with a great deal of success.  They can be effective for you as they are for other agents who have purchased and are using them.

So, if you want effective letters you can write your own,or you could defer to others who've already done the work for you.

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