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Real Estate Internet Lead Generation.  I love Internet Marketing.  What I like best is that people find their way to my sites, at no cost to me.  Then, they sign up for my newsletters...and some buy my products.  I love internet marketing and everything about it.

I experience almost everyday how even small efforts in my online marketing strategies increases site visitors, the number of people signing up for my newsletters and mailing lists, and number of sales I make.

My most effective strategy for generating leads revolves around providing lots of web site content in exchange for the visitors names and email addresses.  Once I have that I send them them the requested information.

Outlined below are 3 easy steps to generate leads through Internet Marketing.  Here they are in no particular order of importance.

1. Place lots of content on your web site - I mean hundreds of pages....literally. But generating lots of unique, quality content is  no easy matter, that's why I recommend pre-written real estate website content.

With pre written content you can purchase and be uploading hundreds of pages to your web site in minutes, whereas if you were to write the same amount of content it would take months.

2. Start a newsletter and offer your site visitors a free subscription to it.  And what will you do for newsletter/azine content?  Why, you'll use the same pre written real estate marketing reports that you purchased and uploaded to your web site as web site content.

And guess what?  Nobody will ever know what you're doing because they'll never read through a 200 plus page web site anyway.

However, each page you have is the same as another opportunity to be found by search engines and human visitors who become prospects.  So, the more pages you have the more prospects you can generate.

3. Get a sequential auto responder, if you don't already have one, to automatically sign up newsletter subscribers and distribute it.  Signing up a few people a week can easily turn into a few a day to 5-10 a day a good days.

Most people love to get free information that's e-mailed to them regularly, which you can do with a sequential auto responder

Now all that's left to do is drive traffic to your web site page offering the free newsletter with the subscription form on it, and the ways to do that are near endless.  You can use real estate flyers to generate leads, pay per click campaigns, direct mail campaigns, real estate letters , etc.

In 2004 I started my real estate newsletter with zero subscribers and now have approximately 3700 subscribers on my various lists, and I sign up 5-10 new subscribers a day. 

I get plenty of internet real estate leads...and now you can, too.

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