Real Estate Internet Marketing Solutions

Do you need some best practice Real Estate Internet Marketing Solutions? As you might imagine many agents are, but surprisingly few embrace them; even when they are no to low cost, proven ideas.

Like the ones found below. All are simple, effective solutions that can help you grow your real estate business; many of which I've used with a great deal of success. Now, let's take a look at them

Find strategic business partners. Look for ones that have the same objective as you do to trade leads, share marketing info, sell package deals, etc. Potential partners that readily come to mind are Title Companies, Mortgage Lenders, Real Estate Attorneys, CPAs, Mortgage Brokers, Homeowners Insurance Companies, etc.

I'd even include other real estate agents.  Here's why? Some of the best real estate deals that I ever personally made were referrals from real estate agents who had no clue about what to do with properties that they referred me to.  Sometimes I bought and flipped them for a nice chunk of change.

And then there's always this.  Other agents have buyers and sellers, and can therefore be the best resources for putting together and closing deals. And that my friend is the best business partner to have.

Brand your name and business. Everything you do should be for the explicit purpose of building a brand, something that makes you stand out in a crowd.  For example, one of my slogans is "Call anytime about anything."  This is particularly successful on the Internet because often times you can never get a real person when you call most Internet businesses.

One of the ways I go about building my "brand" is by writing articles and submitting them to web sites, article directories and ezines for republishing. Every article I write links back to my web sites, increasing my site rankings while simultaneously sending potential buyers to them.

More often than not I use pre-written real estate marketing reports, like these, to rewrite and make uniquely mine to submit for publication.  I also use them as real estate web site content that I simply upload to my web site.  If I'm in a hurry I use them "as is", but it's best to take at least a few minutes personalizing them.

This is what one buyer had to say about these prewritten reports:

 Buying the downloadable software we added 30 new pages to our sites in the matter of hours.  Before our purchase I budgeted 300 man hours to write, review and install content to the site.  In Feb 07 is rolling out a national licensing program to expand our markets across the USA and now I have an additional 300 man hours to improve other critical areas on the site. 

Model other successful people. Why reinvent the wheel if someone has already built it?  This includes, but is not limited to using real estate marketing scripts, expired listings scripts, the use of sequential autoresponders, cold call scripts, pre-written real estate web site content, real estate marketing reports, credit card marketing reports, etc.

To state the obvious, you can save lots of time, aggravation and money by simply following in the footsteps of agents who have already paved the way; agents who often times make their systems and strategies available not necessarily for the money, but for the satisfaction of sharing their success so that others can partake in it.

For example, I created an expired listing system and averaged 2 plus listings a week using it. I often got more listings in a month than some agents generated in an entire year.  Here's what one agent had to say about my system after I made it available for purchase:


"Lanard, "Your course is really terrific. In the past ten months using your system, I have acquired over thirty expired listings and have closed over 27 so far. I've tried other systems in the past, But nothing even compares to yours. I've become know as the expired listing king in my county by fellow realtors. Once again hats off to you and your course."

Bill Steinig
Crye*Leike Generation Realty, Inc.
wrsteinig @

Take risks to improve your business. Sometimes agents are reluctant to advertise, unless it's free, but as the saying goes sometimes you have to spend money to get results. Know what happens when nobody knows you're in the business...nothing!

So, it makes sense to advertise and promote your services to generate leads, and the more you do it the more successful you can be. You should either be distributing flyers, brochures and letters weekly.

You could also be advertising houses for sale via newspaper ads on a regular basis to generate lead, even when you don't have listings of your own! Why? Because folk will call to inquire about the listings, buyers and sellers, and you can use this tactic as a point of introduction to convert callers to prospects.

Hint! Don't limit yourself by thinking that you can only advertise real estate for sale when you have listings. Potential callers aren't interested in whether you're the listing agent, or not. They're interested in buying an selling real estate, and respond to ads because they think that the agent receiving the call can help them.

You can click here for more real estate lead ideas that others are successfully using!

Use Sequential Autoresponders. One marketing strategy that works particularly well, even though many real estate agents underutilize the idea, is the use of sequential autoresponders to generate leads and convert them to paying customers.

Autoresponders are email systems that automatically follow up when prospects request information from you. When used properly they can generate lots of real estate leads. You can find out more about them here!

You can also get a copy of my Special Report on Sequential Autoresponders when you visit my sequential autoresponders web site page to learn more about them!

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