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A Real Estate Lead Follow Up System is a critical element of your marketing plan. Because sales are usually a long term process it's important to have routine contact with your prospects and establish relationships with them, as they generally will only buy from people they have relationships with.

That's where sequential auto responders and drip mail campaigns come in.

While they have different names they essentially are and do the same thing...

which is to email timed messages at predetermined times 100% controlled and scheduled by you. 

I've been using a Follow Up System since 2004 and at one time had grown my client database of real estate agents to nearly 4,000 agents.  That number was significantly reduced in the recent depression, but is slowly climbing back up.  Still it's nothing close to being 4,000 agents.

Real Estate Lead Follow-up | Real Estate Drip Email Campaigns
As briefly mentioned above, drip email campaigns are a series of automated emails sent at timed intervals to leads and potential clients. Drip emails are especially important in the real estate industry, where sales cycles tend to be long-term. These campaigns help real estate brokers and agents follow-up and communicate regularly with leads and potential clients. Below are five tips on how to manage an effective drip email marketing campaign:

Real Estate Lead Follow-up: 2 Swings at the Pitch...
If you're anything like other real estate companies or agents, you generate leads from many sources. Once you get them into your CRM system, you have 2 very different follow-ups that need to happen. They are so unbelievably different, that you can look at them as completely different strategies. Here's how it works.

Real Estate Lead Follow-up | Real Estate CRM | Boston Logic ...
While it is best practices for all companies to follow-up with incoming leads, nearly half of all leads do not receive a follow-up call or email. Those that do receive a follow-up tend to be abandoned. According to Michael Ferrera & Co., 88 percent of leads are abandoned within 30 days of their query, 94 percent within 72 hours. The main reason why these leads are abandoned is because the customer did not return the agent’s initial call.

Summarily, a Real Estate Lead Follow Up System will help you convert casual prospects leads to bonafide prospects.  I like them because you can keep old leads warm while adding fresher ones on an almost daily basis.

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