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Five Money Making Real Estate Lead Generation Tools - These tools can help you reduce unproductive activities while increasing effectiveness.  A most interesting read is the article about how to use Google and its' applications to source leads.

Let's start with Google, which receives the most searches for real estate of all search engines. 

But like many things technologically related, the applications  are available long before agents have fully embraced it. 

Following are the related articles.

How To Use Google Tools For Real Estate Lead Generation | Real ...Every day countless buyers search the internet for real estate information and a majority of them browse Google. Google was smart about it, again, and developed a full suite of tools for real estate and related industry officials that allows them to source information about these buyers at all stages of their...

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas | 29doors
Here are some interesting ideas for generating real estate leads that might soon become some of your favorites…starting with referrals. Referrals In any business is a powerful real estate lead generation tool-, mostly because people do business with people they know & like;...

Real Estate Lead Generation Site Accelerates Bringing Back More ...Sourcing and securing fresh real estate leads are two of the most important things that you must do on a regular basis if you expect to survive in the real estate industry these days...and Lead Tackle knows that. It purports to have an easy to use real estate lead generation system that will provide realtors, mortgage brokers, appraisers, investors and other “lead-seekers” quality leads.

Why SMS Marketing Is an Awesome Lead Generation Tool for Real ...As the real estate industry changes newer tools are being used to reach out to customer… and SMS marketing is one of these tools. Despite the presence of a lot of other mediums, SMS marketing continues to grow and hold its own in a rapidly environment. Real estate is proving to be one industry where the use of it is proving to be highly effective.

Lead Generation: Message - Keller Williams Realty Blog
Agents generate leads for a variety of reasons, including building prospect and lead databases, mailing lists, newsletter acquisitions and sales leads. They also include non-paid sources, such as organic search engine results and recommendations from your sphere of influence. Many agents think of it as advertising, but it’s a whole lot more than that. Take a look…

Hope you found the articles helpful and can utilize the tools!

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