Real Estate Leads via Newsletters

Real Estate Leads via Newsletters are some of the best Real Estate Leads to have,  mainly because readers of them usually have to opt into 

Real Estate Leads Via Newsletters

your mailing list.  Essentially, they're asking you to contact them...meaning that they're interested in what you have to say about real estate. 

So get this, because it's important!  Newsletter subscribers will freely give their email addresses in exchange for the promise of information to come.  And best of all newsletters are easy to produce and distribute. 

Of course you could get all crazy about it and complicate things to the point that you never generate even the first issue, but there's a ton of pre written real estate marketing reports and real estate web site content that's readily available for immediate use as newsletter content.

Here's what I mean.  Check out this sample real estate report.  It is one of thousands that you can buy surprisingly cheap.  Put your name and contact information on it.

How long do you think that would take?  No long right?  The hardest part will be making the decision to do it, which also becomes easy when you automate  the process with sequential auto responders.

Sequential auto responders, also known as drip campaigns, drip email campaigns, et.) are nothing more than the timed and automatic sending of newsletters and email messages, like your out of office reply on your office computer.  And  with them you program your messages to go out as frequently as you want. 

Why Use Sequential Auto responders To Cultivate Real Estate Leads Via Newsletters? Because they will make you money!  When you provide useful information to your newsletter subscribers through frequent contact it will convert some of them into paying customers; customers who either buy, sell, rent, invest through you, or make referrals to you

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6 Reasons To Consider Sourcing
Real Estate Leads via Newsletters

1. They Provide Free, Useful Information

People love them and many newsletters are free; and for that reason alone real estate consumers subscribe to them.  Most newsletters provide useful information that reflects a genuine concern to help consumers while demonstrating their expertise in the field.  However, free newsletters, articles and information are also a way to attract readers.

2. They Demonstrate Credibility

In general, newsletters have more credibility than ads. Agents that publish newsletters use them as a venue to establish their brand and demonstrate their authority in the profession. Thus, they most likely will publish reliable, well-researched and relevant market information, geared towards the benefit of the consumer in order to maintain their credibility.

3. They Provide In-depth Information 

Real estate newsletter articles provide more in-depth information than real estate ads. The intent of real estate newsletters is to have a venue to better educate consumers about real estate details that are not covered in advertisements, like construction quality assessment, safety, after move-in support, etc. Having such information will enable them to make better buying, selling and investing decisions.

4. They Provide Financial Information

Aside from real estate leads, newsletters also provide other information that is related to the industry.  Financial information such as mortgage rates, mortgage calculators and bank or lending institutions contact information are also among the additional information that you can provide via a newsletter…all information that is readily available as pre written content.  

5. They Market Specific Locations

Aside from financial information, real estate newsletters also feature full-length articles and facts on hottest real estate locations as well as uncharted lands that have yet to join the boom.  Depending on the profile of the property you intend to market, such information will be beneficial to consumers interested in keeping up with the latest real estate trends.

6. Seminars and Viewings

You can also put information about real estate seminars and property viewings in newsletters.  As an agent, this is your opportunity to create forums where prospects come to you in droves, each demonstrating by their attendance that they are serious prospects interested in buying or selling real estate.   

Modern day newsletters are easily issued electronically and make generating Real Estate Leads via Newsletters a breeze.  They're typically sent via email or downloaded and offer useful real estate information without the hassle of making, managing and saving paper copies.  I distribute my newsletter exclusively via email and will not have it any way.  Right now (November 25, 2009) I have more than 2,500 newsletter subscribers!  

Summarily, newsletters are easy to produce and distribute, so easy in fact that you can begin publishing and distributing one today! 

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