Real Estate Marketing Plan; Make A Plan and Stick To It

If you don't have a real estate marketing plan you might want to consider getting one!

Why? Because real estate sales is a very competitive field and newbies and veterans are reminded almost daily just how competitive the business is; and an effective real estate marketing plan is integral to their success.

So, how do you succeed when others don't? 

As you study the business and explore this site you'll discover many real estate marketing tips, tools and strategies that can give you a competitive edge.  They include, but are not limited to real estate listing systems, real estate marketing books, real estate letters, real estate marketing flyers, real estate post cards, expired listing scripts, FSBO scripts and so much more. Your task is then to simply integrate some or all of them into a personalized real estate marketing plan and make money doing it.

You could start from scratch and create a real estate marketing plan on your own, which may be a great option for experienced agents already making money, but this is definitely not a recommended approach to anybody else, especially newly licensed agents with no experience. 

Instead, inexperienced agents are better off following the marketing techniques of people who've successfully gone before them. Why waste time and money learning by trial and error when good marketing plans are available all over the Internet at affordable prices.

For example, let's say your marketing plan includes making 7 FSBO contacts per week.  Let's also say that you know nothing about how to effectively market FSBOs.  So, buy a script, book, tapes and other FSBO marketing materials to educate and prepare yourself to be able to confidently solicit FSBOs. 

Unfortunately, getting licensed is not the end of the journey to big commission paydays. Instead, it's the admission ticket that gives you the opportunity to earn commissions.

Scripted real estate marketing plans serve as reminders for all agents to never stop learning, to always be increasing their skills and working their plans to become and remain top producers. 

Still, many agents never truly understand that doing business without a proven, effective plan is like taking a final exam without ever having attended classes. Sure, you may be able to get a good grade on a final exam if you missed a few classes, but the more classes missed the worse your grade will be.

Successful real estate marketing is no different.  If you "go to school and pay attention and learn the trade" you can do very well, but if you never learn how to be good at marketing real estate you're not going to last in the business too long.

That's why it's important to read books, listen to tapes, attend workshops and seminars and the like as often as you can so that you can learn to be an effective real estate agent.

Developing A Plan; Step By Step

It is through your marketing plan that you'll identify how you'll get leads and prospects. If you're not reaching out and making contact with people on a daily basis you're probably not generating a lot of business activity. And the industry is unforgiving; if you don't have leads and prospects you don't have business to sustain a career.

Hence, a good marketing plan is essential to your success, as it is the vehicle by which you sell yourself and the services you provide.  

To be a successful real estate agent you must have an effective, results driven real estate marketing system fueled by a good plan, a plan that includes tools, strategies, concepts, supplies and materials to get lots of prospects - buyers and sellers.

Effective real estate marketing begins with a step by step approach, the more proven it is the better off you'll be.  Every newly licensed real estate agent should have one.  Plus, seasoned agents can benefit from a review of basic real estate marketing strategies as well.

  1. Distinguish yourself in the public eye so that when they think of buying or selling the type of real estate you specialize in they'll think of you and not somebody else.  Such is the power of niche real estate marketing, but you have to work it to get it.
  2. Treat your real estate marketing plan like a rose garden.  Tend to it every day; mailing letters, post cards, contacting FSBOs, viewing listings in your selected area, etc and it will produce beautifil roses/results. Tend to it poorly and all you're likely to fget are the thorns.

Finally, once you've developed a plan stick to it.  Refine it as needed, but if you stick to its basic elements and work it it can blossom into a money making machine. 

make real estate letters a part of your marketing plan
farming expired listings is great for your real estate marketing plan, too

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