Real Estate Marketing Postcards

Real Estate Marketing Postcards are perfect for introducing yourself to new leads, building rapport with new prospects and maintaining relationships with former clients.

Given their versatility it's no wonder that you're interested in them, but are you ready to move from a passive position of interest to an assertive one of action...and by that I mean using them? If "yes" please continue reading.

Marketing Effectiveness

Realtor Marketing Postcards are an easy way to increase your productivity. Specifically, you can:

Here are some recently added articles. They are "must reads" if you want to learn how to get the most out of postcard campaigns.

Use Real Estate Farming Post Cards To Beat Your Competition - this marketing tip illustrates 4 simple steps to more effective postcard marketing campaigns. One step for example is to have a strong Call To Action (CTA). Surprisingly, many marketers fall short on this vital step. Consequently, they yield poor results.

Using Postcards To Market To The Masses - you need to maintain high visibility with your prospects to maximize yourself. This includes current leads and prospects, as well as clients that you have closed transactions with. This articles explores how postcards can help you with this part of your marketing strategy.

Direct Mail Post Cards - want to design and print your own post cards, or do you like the idea of hiring a company to design, print and distribute them for you? No matter what your approach is you'll find some practical tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of these very different approaches.

Finally, here are a few links to some external resources that might be helpful.

5 Dumb Marketing Mistakes To Avoid
- rookies make rookie mistakes. Veteran marketers make mistakes, too. Here are some that are costly, but easy to avoid.

Estimate Your Postcard Response
- here's an interactive calculator where you can get a sense of your return on investment. Manipulate number of postcards mailed, costs of mailing them, and estimate how many are likely get your most desired response from.

Six Reasons Postcards Rock - don't waste time with cookie cutter postcards. Discover over 100 hat are ahead of the others. This article lays it all out for you.

"Customer relations should be your Top Priority...and Real Estate Marketing Postcards are great tools for accomplishing that."

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Real Estate Postcard Marketings Best Kept Secrets. Marketing With Postcards E-book. For Real Estate Agents That Want To Be More Successful.

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