Real Estate Marketing Tips #3; Use Car Signage

by Lanard

Get a Magnetic Sign For Your Car

Get a Magnetic Sign For Your Car

Do you have magnetic real estate signs on your car? If not you're missing out on free advertising - 24/7.

Car signs give you instant exposure, wherever you drive or park. You never have to say a word and people will automatically know that you're in the business. It's one of the best overt, yet subtle forms of rel estate marketing there is.

Magnetic car signs have many different names; including car door magnets, truck magnetic signs, vehicle magnetic signs, etc.

But whatever you choose to call them they are not expensive...and a one time expense will buy you a lot of exposure.

Magnetic auto signs can create thousands of daily mental images at a small cost and are an ideal method for getting name recognition in a hurry. Just think of how many leads you can get by simply placing signs on your car.

Getting car magnet signs for your vehicle should be a no brainer.

I'm going to sign off now, but will make a note here about other real estate marketing tips that I want to share with you at a later date...

See ya

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