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Real Estate Markets.  Below is update news on what were at one time some of the hottest real estate investment markets in the United States.  The opportunities today might surprise you, as many of the cities are rebounding in a big way!

Smart real estate agents can capitalize on this information to market real estate investors. 

Savvy investors can find the hottest markets that meet their interests and requirements, and...

Motivated buyers and sellers can make more informed decisions about when to buy to buy and sell.

Here's A Brief Look Of Some of The Hottest Markets...
City By City

Baton Rouge Real Estate.  Louisiana's state capital hasn't traditionally been known as a hot market for real estate investment, but Hurricane Katrina changed all of that.  When the hurricane hit New Orleans many residents were forced to relocate to another part of the state, region, and sometimes even the country.

Boston Real Estate.  Sellers had the upper hand in Boston for many years and were experiencing times of fast sales, multiple bids, and strong bidders.  Some investors experienced became very wealthy in those heady days.  The numbers are less, but there are still some wealth making opportunities.  

California Real Estate. The cost of living is perhaps the number one factor that keeps many Americans from moving to California.  Despite the increased salary that one has to make in order to afford housing in California, many people still choose to move to California.

Chicago.  200,000 or so people moved out of Chicago in recent years, but they're coming back and have moved the city once again to a position of prestige and prominence.  From thriving urban centers to affordable housing Chicago is back!

Covington Real Estate. Located about 50 miles north of the city of New Orleans, Covington did not experience the amount of damage from Hurricane Katrina as did New Orleans.  Because of this many people have chosen to relocate to Covington rather than attempt to rebuild in New Orleans.

Daytona Beach Real Estate.  Located on the eastern coast of Florida, Daytona Beach is a popular place for real estate investors.  And as you probably know it has been a long time fun place for spring breakers.  See the connection?

Jackson Real Estate. Jackson, Mississippi is one of the places that people moved to after Hurricane Katrina.  A mass migration to the city stimulated a demand for its real estate that currently makes it one of the most profitable cities for least for right now!

Jacksonville Real Estate.  The city of Jacksonville is one of Florida’s best-kept secrets – and it has a lot of them.  People are just beginning to notice all that Jacksonville has to offer.  More and more people are starting to migrate to the area and make the city of Jacksonville their permanent residence.

Las Vegas Real Estate Investing. Las Vegas was sizzling hot at one time, but fell on hard times like other cities around the country.  But, as in most things bad, there's opportunity for something good if you know what to look for. 

Mobile Real Estate Investing.  Most investors hadn't noticed the growing real estate markets of the south.    Mobile, Alabama is one southern city that had entered into a housing growth state under most investors' noses. See what it's like today.

Montgomery Real Estate Investing.  The housing market in Southeast United States has been in a silent growth period that few investors have noticed.  The Montgomery real estate market is one such place. 

Orlando Real Estate Investing. Most people know of Orlando as the home of Disney, but its real estate buying, selling and investing opportunities are more than than jsut fairy tales. At one point real estate investors were receiving very high returns on their investments.  And now???   See for yourself.

Pensacola Real Estate Investing.  The city of Pensacola, located in northwest Florida, has been experiencing economic and job growth in recent years.  These two factors are solid indicators  of a strong housing market. 

Phoenix Real Estate Investing. Phoenix is hot – and it's not just because of the hundred degree temperatures. If you can afford to invest there you should do it.  

Portland Real Estate Investing. Arguably, Portland, Oregon provides many opportunities for investors. It's forward thinking citiy that's still appealing to hordes of people. 

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