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Real Estate News Today Issue #67 Years Later, Foreclosures Still Jam Courts, Far Fewer Mortgage Borrowers 'Deeply Underwater', Homeownership Rate Among Real Estate Agents 14.8 Points Higher Than Average...

Real Estate News Today Issue #5 - Houston Real Estate Market Still Sizzling; Coast Real Estate Market Gaining Momentum; Housing, Real Estate Market Predictions For 2014; Most Expensive Homes Sold in ...

Real Estate News Today Issue #4 - Florida Has 2nd Highest Rate of Underwater Properties;  Top Ten Must Know Things About HUD Reverse Mortgages; Study Finds 6.4 Million U.S. Homeowners Still ...

Real Estate News Today Issue #3 - How Rent To Own Homes Work; The Top10 Benefits of Email Marketing, Farm Expired Listings For Big Commissions; etc.

Real Estate News Today Issue #2 - Foreclosures Drop To Lowest Level In 7 years, Credit Card Debt Settlement Online, Business Christmas Greeting Card, and Real Estate: Look for value in 2014

Real Estate News Today Issue #1 - Vertical Email Marketing, Standard Business Card Dimensions, Federal Credit Card Debt Relief, 0 Credit Card Balance Transfers and Best Prepaid Credit Cards

Real Estate News Winnipeg - Canadians make up the largest share of foreign US real estate purchasers.  They purchased nearly 19.8 billion dollars of residential real estate during the year ending March 2012.

Federal Crackdown on Foreclosure Auction Scams
In the past three years, federal prosecutors have charged 54 people and two companies in three states for bid-rigging during courthouse auctions of foreclosed properties.

Hitler's Birth House Up For Rent?
I discovered this video news story about Hitler's birth house being available for rent and was very intrigued. Who'd want to live there...and would I want them as a neighbor? Would you?

10 Cities Where Rent Will Rise The Most
Even though the economy is experiencing a slow rise to recovery the real estate rental market is doing quite well, with prices racing ahead of the home ownership market. While this is great news for investors, landlords and property owners it's bad news for renters.

Baltimore City Board Approves $107 Million Harbor Point TIF
Meeting behind closed doors, the city's Board of Finance on Monday approved more than $100 million in taxpayer assistance to help fund a massive, waterfront development project that will...

Washington, DC: The New Boomtown
Bidding wars are breaking out. Foreign buyers are moving in. A new wave of contemporary architecture is taking hold. And a growing class of tech executives is helping to fuel the boom.

Real Estate Putting Arizona Back on Wall Street's Radar
Real estate putting Arizona back on Wall Street's radar,Arizona is becoming more relevant in the stock market again, thanks largely to real estate.

Overcoming Bias : Real Real Estate Agents
A real-estate agent keeps her own home on the market an average of ten days longer [than she would for a client] and sells it for an extra 3-plus percent, or $10,000 on a $300,000 house. When she sells her own house, ...

Bon Jovi Lists Soho Penthouse for $42M
Florida Real Estate Market Slows
Summerlin Nevada...Ryland to open five new-home neighborhoods
Forbes Forecasts 2013-2014 Commercial Real Estate Market ... 
Survey reveals commercial real estate developers remain optimistic ...

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