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Real Estate Prospecting Letter

real estate prospecting letter is more effective when it is specific to the person receiving it and the reason for writing. Generic letters are okay to use as templates, but sending letters is pointless unless they’re personalized and made specific to the intent at hand;like to FSBOs, or Expired Listings.

Take this prospecting letter, for example. It started out being 1 of 50 Letters that I spent a few minutes personalizing to make uniquely mine, which is key to maximizing the effectiveness of real estate letter templates!

When you find a good real estate prospecting letter think of it as a template from which you will craft new and other effective real estate marketing letters. Strive to make each one different, even though you craft others from the same template!

Specify Benefit to Recipients A good prospecting letter will explain how you (the real estate agent) will benefit the recipient (buyer, seller, investor, and renter). In short, your letter should tell specifically, yet concisely, how you can solve a recipient’s particular needs.

With renters it could be helping them buy homes for the same as rent and with sellers it could be improving the marketability of their homes by you giving free home warranties to buyers

real estate prospecting letter

Specify The Action You Desire. It could be to call you to request a comparable market analysis, a request for information on how to prepare their home for sale, or maybe even for an appointment to see one of your listings!

Don’t be shy about what it is you want them to do. Just come right out and ask them to do it.  You might just be surprised at how often you’ll get it!

Low Rejection Prospecting If you’ve ever done any “cold calling” you know that it can be very unpleasant. Some say every “no” is a step closer to a “yes”, but every “no” I got took a heavy toll on my self confidence. 

What's Next?

I never got use to “cold calling” and ultimately composed and used prospecting letters, and it turned out they were pretty good because I averaged 2+ listings a week using them.  Click Here To Them!

Real Estate Prospecting Letters can be effective tools in building  your business. The more letters you mail out the better off you’ll be. On the other hand, if nobody knows you’re in business how can you expect to have any?  Here's To Your Real Estate Marketing Success!

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