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Realtor Marketing Supply. Below are several tips, tools and suggested resources to increase your business.

Real Estate Marketing Script. Some agents farm expired listings to near perfection. And why not? They're easy to find, offer a near endless supply of prospects and are easy to convert to new listings. See how easy it is to farm them.

1-877 Phone Capturing Lead System. This real estate marketing concept is catching on like wildfire. Provide information about your ads and listings 24/7, while capturing prospect information automatically. Check out what a telephone lead generation system can do for you.

Prospect Generator. Do you know why prospects choose to do business with you? If you don't know for sure you're potentially wasting time and losing money. This marketing strategy shows you how to separate yourself from other agents in your town and make it easier for prospects to find you.

Real Estate Supplies. Here you'll find a tremendous amount of real estate marketing supplies for "branding" yourself; caps, pens, mugs, apparel, briefcases, calculators,etc.

discover how I averaged 2 listings a week farming expired listings

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