Realtor Web Sites; Here's Why Content is King

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Realtor Web Sites are big business. Competition for visitor "hits" is enormous and it's more difficult than ever to get your site noticed, much less bookmarked.

And while there are various and diverse ways to generate web site traffic there seems to be a universal acceptance that you have to have an abundance of web site content to engage your visitors and have them come back for more.

It's the best way to leverage site visitors into paying customers.

But all real estate web site content is not created equal. You can spend hours writing your own, which may be the best way to do it; but it can literally take 2 - 3 hours to write a dynamic, attention grabbing web site page. And if you want a 400 page web site you'll be writing until you retire.

Whose got that kind of time, talent, patience and bottomless well from which to pump out web page after web page of fresh and interesting content? I don't. Do you?

Another option is to buy prewritten real estate marketing articles and reports. Some are good enough to use "as is"...which is ideal. However, my experience is that you'll get better results if you make them uniquely yours in some way - even if it's only small and seemingly insignificant changes.

For example, change the title, insert the name of your city in the article, change the opening and closing paragraphs a little, add an original paragraph and delete a paragraph and you'll have transformed an article that others might have into something that is uniquely personal to you.

And all of this can be accomplished in a matter of minutes verses the hours you'll spend writing a new article from scratch.

I do this all of the time with some pretty impressive results. Why not try it out? You might just be surprised at how well it can work for you, too.

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