Texas Real Estate Articles; What City Are You Interested In?

Texas Real Estate Articles.   Austin, the capital of Texas continues to grow.  I reflect on it as the city for music and clean industry and marvel at its continued and increasing popularity.  Has the infrastructure caught up with it's growth yet?

Below are some articles and resources to help you with your real estate needs .

Austin, TX.  Single family homes were down 2%, but single family listings were up 17% from 2006 to 2007.  It' a buyers market, even though the market overall remains strong. Click here for full marketing report by Realtor Luis Becker, Jr.

Dallas, TX. There is still residential,commercial and retail opportunities to invest in real estate surrounding these plans and be part of the future.  The American Airlines Center,(home to both the Dallas Stars, Dallas Mavericks and many international concerts) has spawned sold out luxury condominiums, retail and 5 star hotels! Click here to read full marketing report by Kathy Murray

El Paso, TX. The new home construction has boomed this year which allows El Paso to offer a wide variety of homes to incoming soldiers and local buyers. It also has excellent resale and new homes available in each area of town. Click here to read full marketing report by Jennifer Stroh. 

Fort Worth, TX.  Beginning November 2007 the inventory is still high with 1,080 available homes, only slighty higher (4%) from same period in 2006. The best indicator of the market is Average Days on the Market; through October the DOM was 68 days, down 4%. 1,849 homes sold through October 2007 , down 9% from the same period in 2006 with the average sales price increasing (2%) at $158,436. Click here to read full marketing report by Ann Anker

Houston, TX.  Houston is the 4th largest city in the US.  When shopping for homes in the area you will most likely hear the words "master planned community". In the late 1960's developers came up with this concept of communities with strict regulations and deed restrictions. They feature amenities such as plentiful trees and greenbelts, community centers, educational facilities and recreations areas. Click here to read full marketing report by Gayle Daniel.

You can find more Real Estate Articles and market reports for nearly any city in Texas by clicking this link, plus buyer and seller reports and contact information for agents specializing in those respective cities. 

You'll also be able to search the MLS for homes without having to go through an agent.

Finally, Real Estate Marketing Talk has Home Buyer ArticlesHome Selling Articles, Real Estate Agent Marketing Articles and other Real Estate Articles to help you become better informed consumers.  Each one was personally written, or hand selected by me to ensure that only quality, informative articles made it into these collections.

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