The Commercial Real Estate Institute, Inc; Specializing Is Their Business

by Lanard Perry
(Sunny Florida)

Commercial Real Estate Institute (CREI) offers a diversity of real estate niche markets that you can specialize in; including commercial, land, leasing, residential investment and commercial investment.

Specifically, the designations include Commercial Specialist, Certified Commercial Leasing Specialist, Certified Land Sales Specialist and Certified Residential Investor Representative.

Additionally, the specialize in Commercial Real Estate Development & Investment and Commercial Finance.

They even offer some of their courses on video, VHS and DVD. Take its Certified Commercial Sales Specialist (CCSS) program, for example. It has th following 15 videos available as part of this course:

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate; Legal Preventative Maintenance; Advanced 1031 Exchanges; Valuation of Commercial Property; Income/Expense Analysis; Effective Listing Techniques for Commercial RE; Marketing and Sales Techniques; Fair Dealings & Commercial Contract; Commercial Contract Forms; Commercial Financing; Buyer Representation; Ethics & Rules for Buyer Representation; Commercial Property Environmental Issues; Disclosure & Due Diligence: Commercial Properties & Land and Client Communication

All I can say is that they'd certainly be at the top of my list if I lived in Arizona or Nevada. Visit them at to learn more...

and if you do please tell them that Lanard Perry of Real Estate Marketing sent you.

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