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Ten Relatively Inexpensive Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas
by: Lanard Perry

Here are my Top Ten Real estate Lead Generating Ideas with little introduction:

1. Lead Generating Real Estate Agent Websites. It should contain hundreds to thousands of pages of content rich real estate web site articles that provide helpful information to your site visitors.

2. Distibute Real Estate Flyers. Distribute a couple of hundred flyers for four consecutive weekends and you'll almost assuredly generate some leads.

3. Farm For Sale By Owner Properies (FSBO). Drivie through neighborhoods, write down FSBO addresses and then send letters to the owners. Key though is having a proven FSBO
, like the one that comes with this expired listing system.

4. Farm Expired Listings. However, you can only get them if you're in the game. Here's the expired listing system and lettersI used

5. Start a Real Estate Newsletter. It can be a s simple as writing a paragraph about each of three articles on your website and inserting links to them.

6. Mail Real Estate Letters To Generate Leads. It worked, thirty years ago and it works today. a href="">Direct mail marketing with
letters is a passive, but effective marketing strategy. Mail 15-20 a day 5 to 6 days a week and watch your lead funnel fill up.

7. Give Away As Many Business Cards As You Can. HG on a mission and hand out as many as you can in a day, week and then month.

8. Post Free Ads On The Internet. This will generates links to your website, assuming you have one. A few strategically placed ads can result in some top ranking coverage. For example, you can Post Free Ads On The Internet as a result of it. Want to be next?

9. Start An Article Marketing Campaign. Writing and distributing articles is a great way to generate leads. Some do an article a day, but starting at 1 per week is a respectable pace and can generate hundreds to thousands of links with your name and contact information on them.

10. It sounds elementary, but car signs generate interest and will readily identify you as a real estate agent.

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