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Is there a better deal than Vista Print Business Cards? Maybe, but it'll have to be one super duper deal, because Vista Print is hard to beat. Following are

Three Reasons Why

One - you can create your business cards on line without having to download anything to your computer. 

Why is this important?  Because you can get all kinds of nasty computer viruses from free shareware.  With Vista Print there's no risk of that.  It's super safe to use.

Two - you can upload your business card templates, or use one of the hundreds of templates which makes it very easy to create a business card that is professionally looking and will get you noticed. 

Three - plus Vista Print is a great company to do business with.  I use them from time to time for direct mail postcard marketing campaigns and frequently go online to design various business cards for my internet marketing needs.  

An Example of How I Use Vista Print Business Cards

In December 2013 I sponsored a Christmas Concert Christmas Jubilee Jam Benefit Concert Toy Drive. Admission was free but adults were asked to bring a new unwrapped toy or gift and all gifts were donated to kids in the Gainesville Guardian Ad Litem Program (Gainesville, Florida).

My marketing plan included creating a website appropriately named Christmas Jubilee Jam that described the event and artists (singers, dancers, musicians, choirs) that would be performing.

In addition to printing and distributing flyers I created business cards online that complemented thee look and feel of the website.  Below is what it looked like.

After designing the business cards entirely on line using Vista Print's business card making I ordered and distributed 1,000 cards. I gave them out wherever I went.  My family members, friends, program performers, church members and others helped me distribute them.  

I'm glad to say that I less than 100 cards after the program was over, which by the way was well attended.  And while I don't know exactly how many people attended because of the business cards it printing and distributing them was a great way to brand the program and set it up for the next year.

On December 13, 2014 I produced the Second Annual Christmas Jubilee Benefit Concert Toy Drive - toys and gifts went to homeless kids in Alachua County. This time around I designed and ordered 2000 Vista Print Business Cards online and as before I designed the the card complemented the look and feel of the web site (found here) that continued to build the brand that I started in 2013.  

It's hard to say what's in store for the future of Christmas Jubilee Jam, but it's easy to imagine that Vista Print will be a big part of it again.

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