Why Do Rural Locations Make Us Happy?

by Sam Jaction

Numerous studies over the ages suggest that people tend to be more calm and relaxed living in rural locales; with some possibly even finding love on the way.

So what is it when it comes to rural living that makes certain locations much happier to live in?

Well when it comes to rural property, Monmouthshire would be one-such place that "has it all" as they say; one which can best help answer this question.

Boasting some of the most beautiful scenery that Wales has to offer, Monmouthshire firstly comes complete with the local atmosphere and friendly neighbours that most urban-city dwellers would snap up in a heartbeat.

Fresh local foods are available in abundance and some would argue that they rival the quality that many other people in the UK get from their local big supermarket. Foodies in particular will no doubt find friends among Monmouthshire's wide selection of free range eggs, meats, local fruit and vegetables, ciders, wines, cheeses, traditionally made breads and home made cakes.

Monmouthshire also has the kind of public houses, hotels, cafés and restaurants that one could really consider unequivocally warming and inviting. It's a place where it's less about big chains and more about small, local relationships; the kind of place where people get to know your name and become your friends very quickly.

Activity-wise, there's also a host of things to do in "Sir Fynwy" (Welsh for Monmouthshire); many of which play on the county's natural areas of outstanding beauty.

The Wye Valley in particular is one such blessing Monmouthshire has bestowed upon it. It is one of the most dramatic and scenic landscape areas in southern Britain and home to the UK's fifth-longest river, the River Wye (Afon Gwy). Its limestone gorge scenery in particular is a wonder to behold and a perfect place for young - on indeed old - love to blossom.

A rich selection of castles also provide enchanting backdrops which will little doubt banish all the stresses of working life for all those who live nearby. Chepstow and Raglan castle in particular stand out as top destinations for all things romantic.

Those who enjoy sport are also spoilt for choice in the countryside of Monmouthshire. It is home of some of Wales' most prestigious and elegant courses, providing the perfect opportunity to wind down and whittle away the hours.

With all this on offer, it's not exactly hard to see why rural living, particular in locales like Monmouthshire, appeal so much.

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