Why get a virtual office in London?

by Sam Jaction

Virtual offices are utilised by businesses of all sizes but can be particularly useful for start-ups, sole traders or businesses where employees tend to work remotely.

In short, a virtual office is perfect for companies who want office contact details, but don't physically need the office space. Businesses in this situation can save plenty of money by choosing a virtual office instead of actual office space.


If there was one word to describe why virtual offices are being used instead of home addresses, it would be "professionalism." Customers, clients and potential employees will be far more likely to take your business seriously if it appears to have office space in a busy city centre.

It just looks more professional. Would you feel comfortable doing business with or working for a company based in a council flat in Hull? Even if you never had to go there, it might raise a few questions about the sustainability of the business model. Some entrepreneurs simply like to keep their business life and their personal life separate and want to keep their home address confidential.

Either way, virtual offices provide a business address and a mail forwarding service. Some will also offer receptionist phone-answering and message-taking services too, which is ideal for sole traders who are always out and about.

Why choose London?

The great thing about a virtual office is that you never have to go there yourself, so the potential is there to hand pick the most professional looking business address you can.

London is generally regarded as the business capital of the UK, so this is the city that normally comes to mind for business owners looking to sculpt a professional reputation. London office space is amongst the most expensive in the UK, so having a postal address in the capital can look impressive to those contacting your business.

Most virtual office providers will forward your mail first-class anywhere in the world, so it rarely matters how close you are to your virtual office space. It is therefore a popular investment for foreign businesses who want make it easier for British customers or suppliers to contact them.

Do you really need office space?

As technology improves and flexible working becomes more and more common, so this is a question being asked by more and more business owners.

Companies who let their employees work remotely may find that their staff become more productive and happier not having to commute to work every day. Meanwhile, bosses can enjoy the financial perks of not having to rent out office space, equipment or facilities.

Some virtual office locations will have meeting rooms that can be rented out on a pay-per use basis, perhaps to conduct job interviews or catch-ups with clients. There's often the option to lease a small suite on a full-time basis if needed, too. Those looking to capitalise on these offerings may still feel that London is still the best location for them as travel links in and out of the capital are far better than for any other city.

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