Buy Lanard a Latte!

I frequently hear from readers that they appreciate the information I provide on Real Estate Marketing Talk. I love hearing that because my main objective is to provide helpful information and enjoy the bonds that I establish with them. Sometimes they even offer to pay me for my time spent with them, but that's not necessary.

buy lanard a latte

However, I must confess that I do have a weakness for Lattes...and if you would to express an appreciation by buying me one  I will enjoy. I'd also feel special because you thought enough of me to do it.  So, if you want to buy me one go ahead.  You can select the option that best suits your giving spirit. 

But like I said, it's not necessary...but it would be appreciated.

Caramel Latte     $3.00     
Pumpkin Spice Latte     $4.00     
Vanilla Latte     $5.00     

Thanks for your kindness. 

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